Interactive. Display. Control

Accelerate productivity with an Australian designed CommBox touchscreen. Removing the need for complex multi device IT infrastructures, and replacing it with enterprise grade products from CommBox that deliver an all-in-one solution for the modern collaboration or learning space, without sacrificing simplicity of use, performance, security and control. Removing the complexity of requiring multiple devices will free up IT teams and elevate their focus to applications and service. CommBox is leading the transition from traditional whiteboards, projectors and PC equipment with a touchscreen that is ready to collaborate or present on-site or remote within minutes of unboxing. Advanced technology with simplicity in mind for any user requirement. 

Interactive Displays are transforming learning and working environments everywhere. Ultra-responsive and highly accurate touchscreens and tables, utilising the latest in touch technology.

Innovation is held in high regard. Outdated technology in your meeting spaces, can drastically undermine that image. Consider the impression you would get, being presented to by a company claiming to be cutting-edge and yet using technology inferior to the modern market. Before they have even started they have lost a component of credibility. Now imagine a boardroom experience where you have access to documents, videos, apps and the web, all at the touch of a finger and the flexibility to do so from anywhere in the room.

How productive and engaging a presentation would be, if there was the power to open a document in progress, or design concept and annotate over it real-time. Then easily distribute the ideas after a group brainstorm. Harnessing the touch technology of smart phones and tablets, Interactive Touchscreens provide the platform to present in a fluid, efficient and engaging manner that transcends older technology’s past capabilities.